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DSLinux on NDS w/ DSTT Flashcard


First you will need the following:

  1. A Nintendo DS / DS Lite (i did use a DSL).
  2. A DSTT flash card.
  3. A Micro SD card.

Okay, now we need to actually download the DSLinux files. I've provided a a DLDI build on this site. That can be found here. In case it is not working you will need to patch it yourself.

Copying the DSLinux files on SD card

  1. Download the DSLinux compressed (*.tar.gz) to your desktop and extract files. There are a dslinux.nds file and a "linux" directory
  2. Browse to the root of your SD card and copy the dslinux.nds file and "Linux" directory to the root of SD card.

Running the dslinux.nds file

  1. Remove micro SD from your PC and put it into DSTT flash card, then put NDSTT flash card into Nintendo DS / DS Lite.
  2. Boot your Nintendo DS / DS Lite.
  3. When you are on game backup list scroll it down to dslinux row.
  4. Press "A" and it will start.

Have fun!